A game, manga, animation and voice actor/actress vocational school

Vantan is recommended

Vantan Game Academy was founded in 1991 and is a game, anime and manga vocational school with a history even in Japan. In that history, we have continued always demand "education that extends real world education and practice." Every year we produce numerous creators for the industry due to an educational program that can only be experienced at Vantan, such as an individual instruction by first-rate instructors and an educational-Industry linked curriculum to study the most recent industry.

Reasons for choosing Vantan Game Academy

  • Naoto Yoshioka

    Naoto Yoshioka

    Game programing

    Participated as a tool development engineer for the launch of PlayStation at Sony Computer Entertainment in 1994. Engaged in the launch of Xbox at Microsoft in 2000. Appointed general manager at Criterion Software in 2002 and engaged in the base technology development for real time computer entertainment. Joined SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.. Currently, freelance active in a variety of fields.

  • Shun Carlos Fukushima

    Shun Carlos Fukushima


    He is involved extensively in 3D CG work, and his work ranges from game CG such as "Dragon Ques" He is active in a wide range of fields such as manga artists and illustrators, including manga ""Yamano Susume"" for his masterpiece, game ""Symphonic Rain"", etc. He also has a strong interest in nurturing young people, and he has lecture meetings concerning manga and illustration at various locations." t Heroes" series "Biohazard Revelations" and movie works such as "Shin · Godzilla" "Evangelion" and In the movie "Attack on Titan":2.0 he was responsible for modeling the super large giant.

  • Kenji Itoso

    Kenji Itoso

    Anime director

    Studied under Hayao Miyazaki in his teens. In charge of directing "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Card illustrations, episode director of "Transformers Animated", in charge of production of director Satoshi Kon's movie "Dreaming Machine". In recent years, he has been active regardless of genre, including director of SMAP concert tour screening image, opening producer of the movie "Attack on Titan", video director of game "Shenmu Ⅲ", general director of original animation "Santa Company".



    Manga Techniques

    He is active in a wide range of fields such as manga artists and illustrators, including manga "Yamano Susume" for his masterpiece, game "Symphonic Rain", etc. He also has a strong interest in nurturing young people, and he has lecture meetings concerning manga and illustration at various locations.

In addition, a wealth of lesson videos taught by active professionals


Unlimited viewing of 3500 class lessons
Let's deepen your learning with original video courses jam-packed with the knowledge of industry professionals

Vantan FLIP CHANNEL is an online video distribution service that allows you to prepare and review expert knowledge at any time of the day. You can watch videos of all the fields handled by Vantan and other courses.

New style of learning to further enhance the learning effect of each student

It is a short movie of about 10 minutes that anyone can watch and understand, so it is perfect for preparations on the day before class or reviewing while on the move. Lectures by professional lecturers in each specialized field are planned to be added one after another.

Game Creator Theory

Toshihiro Nagoshi, who worked on the "Yakuza" series, teaches game development methods. He teaches you the secret story of the birth of the game that he actually worked on, the way of thinking necessary for development and the mental attitude as a creator.

Illustrator Meru Kishida's "Essence of a Cute Girl

It is a lesson about how to draw cute girl characters. We will draw illustrations from the ways of making technical drawings to posing, how to draw uniforms, how to color it, while explaining each of our professional commitments one by one.

Active professional lecturers: About 15 to 25 persons Normal lecturers: About 40 to 50 persons

Reason 03 Nuts-and-bolts classes

We have various curriculums to nurture immediately effective skills, including production practice based on real work flow and industry-academia collaborative class with leading companies.

Example of a production practice lesson

Team production work (Anime)「RIRIA」

Yui, as the main character, hoping to become a pop idol but was shy and Lily, a virtual idol created by CG. One day, Yui spoke to the screen and, as though in response to that voice, Lily said ''let's dance!'' and holding out her hand...
A digital fantasy animation crossing from the real world to the digital world.

Let's take a look at the whole process of team creation of an anime
  1. step01
    Planning Meeting

    The theme, production schedule, and the roles for each members are decided first.

  2. step02
    Scenario Production

    General framework of the script and lines for each scene are written

  3. step03

    Design movement by each cut, camera work, length, scene, etc.

  4. step04
    Animation Drawing

    Design characters and the original animator draws the important scenes.

  5. step05
    Video / Coloring

    Animations connect scenes to scenes are finished up thorough the coloring.

  6. step06
    Editing / Effects

    Editing videos and adding title and effects on PC.

Industry-academia collaboration class example

Real 3D representation learned from survival horror game "Psycho Break"

In collaboration with Zenimax Asia Co., Ltd., which deals with the survival horror game ""Psycho Break"", we have developed classes to learn about real 3D CG characters and background production know-how. We will learn how to create a breathtaking realistic graphic expression

Reason 04 Employment support

Strong support for employment, and technical support to improve your work quality. With this double axle support, we send many professional creators every year to the industry.

  • support01
    Job Interview Practice

    Held twice a year! Work presentations to companies' recruiters. Numerous students have gained job offers through this opportunity.

    Employment Results (excerpt)

    SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. / GAME FREAK Inc. / CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd / YUKE’S.CO., LTD. / CAMELOT CO., LTD. / Aiming Inc. / iNiS Corp. / Genki Co.,Ltd. / Zerodiv Inc. / ALPHADREAM Corp. / PlatinumGames Inc. / Eighting Co., Ltd.

  • support02
    Abundant Job Offers and Individual Support

    In addition to abundant recruitment numbers, we also organize "on-campus company information sessions" where more than 50 companies participate annually. A perfect support system for professional employment advisers to match you with the best jobs.

  • support03

    We have program that allows you to experience work at a real game company while you are studying. It’s a special feature of Vantan that many students are employed through these internships.

  • support04
    Communication Skills

    Learn full-fledged communication skills indispensable to adult life. Thoroughly learn proper forms of discourse, business manners, interview techniques and presentations.

  • support05
    Employment suppport program "Hunter'z"

    Support for employment preparation for students who are job hunting, such as industry studies, exam preparation and practice exams, etc. We also offer lectures by corporate staff.

    Industry research

    We invite corporate managers and you can learn about industry changes and markets.

    Career Design

    We invite personnel managers and you can learn about to think about your own career. We conduct thoroughgoing self analysis etc.

    Practice exam preparation

    Implement simulated interviews and exam preparations. We will verify your individual strong points and weak points.

Course introduction

We have prepared courses specialized by occupational category in order to nurture professionals
who able to be active on the front lines of the industry.

Frequently asked questions

Concerning the school

Since when has VGA started accepting international students?
Vantan Game Academy has begun accepting ingternational students from April, 2018. By having experiences doing so in our grouping school, Vantan Design Institute since 2010, we are sure able to provide an environment for everyone to study with confidence.
How many international students are there in a class?
We assume there would be about 1 to 3 students in a class.
How many lecturers who conduct lectures are there in 1 class?
6 to 8 active professionals from the industry will teach as lecturers per classroom. It is not uncommon at Vantan to experience to be directly taught by creators engaged in the Japanese games and anime you have played.
Do you have staff that are able to speak foreign languages?
We have staff who can speak English, Chinese and Korean. All classes will be conducted in Japanese, so please try to proactively communicate in Japanese in your everyday school life. Staff who can communicate in your mother tongue will support in case of uneasiness at the beginning of your study abroad.

Concerning everyday life

How much is the cost of living in Japan?
Depending on your lifestyle, rent is about 40,000 to 70,000 yen, utilities are 5,000 to 10,000 yen, food expenses are 20,000 to 30,000 yen, communication fees are 5,000 yen, transportation fees are 8,000 to 10,000 yen. On average, the cost of living is between 80,000 to 150,000 yen per month.
Can I receive introductions for housing?
We will introduce affiliated dormitories, apartments, student apartments, share houses etc., so please choose the conditions and the housing you want and contact us for details on housing support.

Concerning visas

Can I apply for a student visa to study at Vantan Game Academy?
Vantan Game Academy was approved by the Japanese Government as a "school adapted to accept international students" for games, anime and manga having been assessed as a school with stable management and having had its studnets' employment record being evaluated. You can obtain a student viisa and take a 2 - 3 year long - term curriculum.
Can international students work part-time while they are enrolled?
If you want to work part-time, you will need to apply for "permission to engage in activities other than your status" at the Immigration Bureau. After obtaining permission, it's possible to do a part-time job up to 28 hours per week.

Concerning educational expenses

Please tell me how to pay the tuition fee.
After passing the entrance examination, within 2 weeks you must pay the enrollment procedure fee by bank transfer and transfer the remaining money after your student visa is approved. Those who have already obtained a visa for Japan should pay the remaining balance within 3 weeks after paying the enrollment procedure fee.
※ Please note that you are responsible for bank transfer fees.
Can I receive a tuition refund if I drop-out mid-term?
If you are forced to drop-out due to a sudden change in circumstances or residence, there is a system for the refund for the portion of the tuition based on the number of months that you do not attend lectures, but excluding enrollment fees and course materials costs. Please contact us for more information
Are course material costs included in tuition fees?
They are not included. In addition, because the course materials vary depending on the course, please check the applicable page of the application guidelines in the enclosed pamphlet.

Concerning enrollment

Please tell me what is required to enroll in Vantan.
An N2 certification of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is required. You also need to pass the Vantan's entrance exam. Be sure to attend the school briefing session before applying.

An introduction to the school building



〒153-0061 Naka Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line · Tokyu Toyoko Line
5 minutes on foot from Naka-Meguro Station
JR Yamanote Line · Saikyo Line
12 minutes on foot from Ebisu Station

>The directions from the stations

Introduction to main dedicated classrooms

Committed to practical education Vantan has a commitment to equipment as well. It is possible to master the latest skills from the basics to the practical using the PC and software equivalent to those used in the industry, under the individual guidance of active professional lecturers!

  • 7F

    CG classroom

    One PC per person. Learn without stress because you can use high-spec monitors connected to high-performance machines that stress color reproducibility.

  • 6F

    Digital illustration classroom

    Various tools such as Adobe products, Sai, CLIP STUDIO PAINT etc. are installed and can be used freely.

  • 5F

    VR development classroom

    We provide high spec PCs and various head-mounted displays necessary for developing VR game. Because it also has a development engine, you can develop high quality VR games

  • 4F

    Voice actor studio

    We have an industry standard dubbing studio. It is possible to hone the skills of voice actors in practice through team production of anime and games.

  • 3F

    Manga research room

    It is a classroom where manga and pictures are gathered together. Periodically, editors come and individually do name checks and handle best new talent awards applications.

  • 2F

    DAW studio

    Vocal booth and DAW studio. It can be used not only for sound related classes but also for production of anime and game works.

  • 1F

    Drawing classroom

    Drawing · Croquis with a free angle and composition, a wealth of motifs such as gypsum images are available

Lots of other attractive facilities

  • 写真
    Game machine development class
  • 写真
    Lecture classrooms
  • 写真
    Planning classroom
  • 写真
    Mac classroom
  • 写真
    Employment consultation room
  • 写真
  • 写真
    Student lounge
  • 写真
    LCD tablet classroom